How long should I wait to shower after I tan?

You should wait a few hours! If you shower directly after you tan, it can minimize the total impact of that tanning session. Also, using a quality after-shower tanning lotion will keep your skin in great condition and allow you retain color better.

Do I have to burn before I tan?

There is a big difference between a tan and a sunburn. Reddening and tenderness of the skin indicates a burn. If you tan for the proper exposure time, you won’t burn. Tanning is a process! Your skin needs time to develop the melanin in it. This happens within a 24 hour period. This is when your skin tans. Please take it slow for your first week or two of tanning sessions.

What should I do if I burn?

You should take a few days off of tanning to allow your skin to heal. Please do not continue tanning until the redness goes away.

Does shaving remove my tan?

Somewhat, yes it does! When you shave or shower, you are taking off the top layer of skin. This top layer of skin will lighten your tan, but the continual tanning will produce the melanin in the skin again. I suggest shaving before you come in for your tanning session!

Do I have to sweat and turn red to get a good tan?

No! Sweating does not make you tan. When you tan and are hot, this is just the instant reddening from your skin getting flushed. It doesn’t enhance the tanning process. The beds being hot has nothing to do with the tanning process. The beds get hot from constant use.

How do I get rid of the white crease around my armpit/backside/shoulder blades?

These white spots are caused by small areas of pressure that cut off the circulation and prevent the skin from tanning. We recommend changing positions throughout your tanning session. Don’t lay completely still the whole time.

Why do I have to wear eye protection?

It is the law. And you only have two eyes – so you should protect them at all times. If you want to continue seeing colors and not suffer from cataracts, you should wear the provided eye protection.

Are all tanning lotions the same?

No! All tanning lotions are not the same! A better tanning lotion offers ingredients that have more vitamins, herbs, enzymes, and simulators that are not provided in the cheaper tanning lotions. You get what you pay for.

Why should I use indoor tanning lotion?

When you tan your skin is losing moisture. If you use a good tanning lotion and moisturizer, you will replenish your skin and achieve maximum tanning potential.